Apr 11

Congratulations to Susan Brambell and Steven Bellhouse on the birth of a little boy at 3:15 am today. He obviously could not wait to meet Lillyboo and Toby Jack who were dropped off at my parent’s house on the way to the hospital two hours earlier.

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Sep 25

At today’s court of honor Ian Brambell was presented with his life rank. He was also recognized for making order of the arrow, completing his lifesaving, wilderness survival, truck transportation and orienteering merit badges. He has been a scout with troop 274 in Wilmington since April 2006 and is currently the troops senior patrol leader.

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Aug 17

Iain Brambell

Canada’s lightweight men’s fours, Iain Brambell, Jon Beare, Mike Lewis and Liam Parsons rowed to bronze at the Beijing Olympics on Aug. 17, 2008.

Congratulations Iain on being the first Brambell to win an Olymic medal.  For those of you who don’t know Iain his rowing and personal credentials are impressive.

•Two-time Olympian finishing 5th in 2004 and 7th in 2000 (lightweight four)

•Two-time Pan Am Games silver medalist

•Won a bronze medal at the 2002 World Championships

•First international competition was the 1994 Commonwealth Rowing Regatta in London, Ontario

•Started rowing in high school

•Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Brock University, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario

•Married to Canadian Olympic medalist Laryssa Biesenthal (now Rowing Canada’s lightweight women’s coach)

•Daughter Avery was born in 2006

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Aug 16
So, how about 50 more?
I would like to congratulate my parents, Malcolm & Mariette Brambell on their 50th wedding anniversary (Aug 16th) and take this opportunity to thank everybody that came to the party at the Beaufield Mews.  A fun time was had by all.   Enjoy the photos.

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